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From storage to throughput

UNITANK is a medium-sized oil logistics company. UNITANK was founded more than fifty years ago on the basis of long-term storage contracts for the strategic reserves of mineral oil products. Since then we evolved to now own and operate 6 large tank farms at 5 locations in Germany and Belgium. In 2018 we delivered more than 5.6 million cubic meters by pipeline and tank trucks from our terminals to supply the airports in Frankfurt and Berlin as well as the filling stations in many regions.
UNITANK is a neutral service provider - we do not own the oil products stored with us. All oil companies and traders can rent storage capacity from us and have their products refined and handled by UNITANK. Storage terminals are the hub of "combined transportation": long-distance transports are carried out by rail, ship or pipeline to the terminal and from there it is just a short distance by tank truck to the consumer.
While in the past focused more on strategic storage, in recent years UNITANK has developed into a company that handles some of the largest volumes in the industry.

Setting benchmarks

UNITANK has been growing against the trend for over 10 years. On the basis of many years of experience and combined with high innovative strength we invest in the technical equipment of the terminals, automation, the improvement of IT and securing the infrastructure. We react "Full of Energy" and realize the opportunities offered by a declining market. A clear proof of this is the enormous increase of our handled volumes in recent years.
The ownership structure is also crucial for the sustainable success. Since 2019, UNITANK has two financially strong and long-term shareholders: DIF and Aberdeen Standard Investments, who consistently support UNITANK in its long-term growth and the development of new markets.

Creating added value

We operate our 6 large tank farms safely and reliably with a lean structure. This is only possible through an IT-supported organisation. The management information system consolidates the numerous figures of the volumes handled from the terminals, which can be viewed by the management for analysis at any time and anywhere. Our electronic data management system is far from being standard in the industry. By digitalisationof all important documents such as permits, technical documentation and contracts, everyone has access to the data relevant to them at all times.